Plumbing – With over 7 years of commercial plumbing experience, and I mean actual hands-on, top to bottom all the plumbing in a restaurant, there is no job too small for us to handle. We are an FPSIE Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer company.
Heaters – Heaters are no problem for us to install, and we are glad to dispose of the old unit for you. The last thing you the resident would want is to argue with the trash man about a 150lb steel box in your trash can. Almost every sit-down restaurant in America has a gas kitchen Chili’s, Famous Dave’s, etc almost every one. The installation of a gas inlet into a commercial restaurant is at a minimum 4” black iron pipe that you twist into huge 90-degree elbows and unions. Your pool/spa heater is ¾ of 1”. So once again our company would like to stress, there is no job too small for Pacific Clear Pool & Spa, Inc.
Filters – Installation of new filters, repairs to old filters and just regular old filter services are no problem for Pacific Clear Pool & Spa, Inc.
Pumps – Replacement of pool motors is not a problem. Or if you want to talk about Energy Efficient Upgrades we are FPSIE Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer (CAEI) Company. The new variable speed pool pump that Edison will pay you $200 to install can run on ½ the speed of your old pump and will use 250(W) while your old pump uses 2000(W).
Salt Systems – Installations and proper cleaning of your salt cell is no problem for us here at Pacific Clear Pool & Spa, Inc. Cleaning of the salt cell is recommended every 3-5 months. Salt systems create large amounts of calcium that can build up in the cell and cause restriction to the return water in your system.
Pool Lights and LED Color Changing Lights – If you see water in your pool light please contact us or any pool service company and please advise them of your problem. If you cannot afford to fix the light at a minimum and a common courtesy to your neighbor’s kids or anyone else swimming in your pool please verify that all electrical connections are disabled to the pool light fixture. Replacing these lights is no problem for Pacific Clear Pool & Spa, Inc.
Acid Wash – Do not fall victim to a company that has no experience in performing an acid wash. Every pool is different and every pool during an acid wash will require different amounts of mixtures of acid/water. This is a job for an experienced tradesman. The pool must be tested in a small section to check the durability of the plaster at its current state. And a professional will then make the call to what amount the water and acid will be mixed and for how long it will “cook”. Call us today for your free estimate.

Pool Maintenance

Adjust Chemicals
Adjust Chemicals – During every visit the chemicals are adjusted in your pool in order to achieve a perfect pool chemistry. We at Pacific Clear Pool & Spa, Inc. would like to see a weekly pH reading of around a 7.4-7.6 PPM (Parts Per Million) and chlorine residual anywhere between 1.0-3.0 PPM (Parts Per Million). Every couple of months we will test for water hardness, TDS, and total alkalinity to make sure their levels are adequate for people to use.
Brush Tiles & Walls
Brush Tiles & Walls – Our pool cleaning always includes brushing the interior surfaces of the pool to eliminate any algae spores that might be trying to grow in your pool. The bristles of the brush are nylon and will not damage your pool surface in any way.
Vacuuming – When we clean your pool or spa we use your circulation equipment suction line to suck debris and dirt from the pool and spa and allow the debris to go through the filtration unit allowing it to clean the water.
Net Service
Net Service – This is the first step we do when we enter your residence to service the account. We net all debris from the surface of the pool and the tile water line.
Basket & Pump Clean-outs
Basket and Pump Clean Outs – the last step before we leave is to empty the pump basket and skimmer basket of all debris.

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