Adjust Chemicals

During every visit the chemicals are adjusted in your pool in order to achieve a perfect pool chemistry. We at Pacific Clear Pool & Spa, Inc. would like to see a weekly pH reading of around a 7.4-7.6 PPM (Parts Per Million) and chlorine residual anywhere between 1.0-3.0 PPM (Parts Per Million). Every couple of months we will test for water hardness, TDS, and total alkalinity to make sure their levels are adequate for people to use.

Brush Tiles & Walls

Our pool cleaning always includes brushing the interior surfaces of the pool to eliminate any algae spores that might be trying to grow in your pool. The bristles of the brush are nylon and will not damage your pool surface in any way.


When we clean your pool or spa we use your circulation equipment suction line to suck debris and dirt from the pool and spa and allow the debris to go through the filtration unit allowing it to clean the water.

Net Service

This is the first step we do when we enter your residence to service the account. We net all debris from the surface of the pool and the tile water line.

Basket and Pump Clean Outs

The last step before we leave is to empty the pump basket and skimmer basket of all debris.