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Variable Speed Energy Efficient Pool Pump Installs

A pool pump circulates water from the filter to the pool to maintain water quality and sustain a consistent water temperature throughout the pool. When pumps first came out they were manufactured as single speed pumps, which consumed 90{6f4b41c1b686f5c188ca46d5a3179399f7baec4c89960a8391f16882ff5d4764} more energy than today’s preferred variable speed energy efficient pumps. The Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, […]

Pool Equipment Replacement

Pool equipment ages and begins malfunction like any other piece of machinery. While the Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. team will always work to repair faulty pool equipment that you ask to be serviced, there are times when a pool equipment replacement is unavoidable. As part of every maintenance and service call, our technicians will inspect […]