The Most Common Pool Repairs & How You Can Prevent Them

As California natives, one of your more “guilty pleasures” here is likely the delight of slipping into the nice, refreshing swimming pool in your backyard. About the only time you might happen to disagree is if that pool needs repairs. The types of pool repairs and their frequency can be controlled to some extent however, […]

What Can I Do to Keep My New Pool Clean?

The installation of a new pool brings joy, excitement and the typical maintenance tasks to ensure your pool is crystal clear and clean for safe swimming. A dirty pool can harbor dangerous bacteria that can harm  your family’s health, which is why it is recommended to have your pool professionally cleaned on a regular basis. At Pacific […]

Energy Efficient Equipment Upgrades

At Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc., we are always searching for the latest ways our clients can save on their pool’s operating costs. There are several energy efficient equipment upgrades and energy-saving strategies we frequently recommend to our clients to ensure they keep their “heads above water” when it comes to the cost of heating […]