What Makes a Pool Clean?

Cleaning a pool is no easy task. Whether you are a pool owner living in Temecula or beyond, your pool is in need of many pool services that must be performed on a regular basis. Here are just some of the pool services needed to maintain your pool:

Maintaining Alkalinity. Alkalinity refers to the pool water’s ability to resist changes in pH. This needs to be checked on a regular basis. If the alkalinity is too low, it will cause the pH to be sensitive and you risk drastic swings in the pH of your pool. A low alkalinity means that a pH decreaser needs to be added. If the alkalinity is too high, the pH may become too high as well scaling may start to occur in your pool. In this case, an alkalinity increaser can be applied.
Maintaining Calcium Hardness. Levels of calcium in your water are another aspect of pool cleaning that needs to be checked on a regular basis. When the calcium hardness is too low, a calcium hardness increaser can be added. If the calcium hardness level gets too high, some of your pool water may need to be drained, and fresh water added to get the proper ratio.
Appropriate Chlorine Levels. Free available chlorine is the key to keeping your pool safe. If the levels get too low, a shock treatment of a high concentration of chlorine may need to be added. If chlorine levels are too high, you will need to wait until chlorine has evaporated off to enter the pool.
Pool Cleaning. In addition to the chemicals listed above, you will need to skim debris out of your pool on a daily basis with a net, and vacuum, brush and spray the pool on a weekly basis.

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