What Can I Do to Keep My New Pool Clean?

The installation of a new pool brings joy, excitement and the typical maintenance tasks to ensure your pool is crystal clear and clean for safe swimming. A dirty pool can harbor dangerous bacteria that can harm  your family’s health, which is why it is recommended to have your pool professionally cleaned on a regular basis. At Pacific Clear Pool and Spa in Temecula, CA, we understand that having a new pool may leave you wondering which are the best ways to promote pristine water quality in between service appointments from your dedicated pool technician. Here are 6  tips that you can follow to keep your new pool clean:

  1. Upgrade to an energy efficient pool pump.
  2. Remove debris from your pool filter.
  3. Skim the surface with a net when there is floating debris.
  4. Brush the tiles, side and bottom of the pool once per week.
  5. Buy a water test kit to ensure the chemicals are balanced and check once every week.
  6. If the water turns green or pool equipment fails, immediately schedule a service appointment.

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Having a new pool shouldn’t be a burden and, with Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, it won’t be. With our thorough inspections, professional services and steadfast commitment to your satisfaction, you’ll be glad you turned to our team for all of your pool cleaning in Temecula, pool maintenance and pool repair needs. If you have a new pool, it’s time to call Pacific Clear Pool and Spa in Temecula for a consultation appointment, so we can determine how best to serve you. Contact our helpful staff today by calling 951-290-1548 and let us inspect your pool!

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