Variable Speed Energy Efficient Pool Pump Installs

A pool pump circulates water from the filter to the pool to maintain water quality and sustain a consistent water temperature throughout the pool. When pumps first came out they were manufactured as single speed pumps, which consumed 90{6f4b41c1b686f5c188ca46d5a3179399f7baec4c89960a8391f16882ff5d4764} more energy than today’s preferred variable speed energy efficient pumps. The Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. team is committed to recommending and installing energy-saving equipment, such as variable speed pumps, for the benefit of every client. As such, Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. is an FPSIE Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer (CAEI) Company.

A variable speed pump can be preprogrammed to operate on a schedule that reduces overall energy usage. Many models have a built-in timer that allow up to 8 programmable speed settings that can be set to run for a specific number of hours per day before switching to a different speed for a certain block of time. For example, a high speed is often selected to run during the daytime hours in conjunction with a solar pool heater to maintain a consistent temperature, while a low speed is used at night when filtration is the main purpose of running the pump and consumes half as much energy than the high speed function. Other features include quiet operation, extended durability beyond other types of pumps, freeze protection, and digitally controlled programming. Aside from its impressive features and obvious benefit in reducing the pool pump’s overall energy consumption, you may also receive a cash rebate from your energy provider for upgrading to energy-saving pool equipment.

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If you are interested in hearing more about a variable speed energy efficient pool pump, the Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. technicians are ready to advise you on why upgrading is in your best interests. Our technicians will arrive at your home with a variable speed pump for your review and allow you to make a hassle-free decision as to whether you would like Pacific Clear Pool and Spa to install and calibrate the pump during the same visit. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed when you choose Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. Schedule a service appointment today by calling 951-290-1548 and discover how Pacific Clear Pool and Spa can assist you with your energy-savings strategy!

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