The Most Important Aspects of Pool Cleaning

Owning a pool can be a major commitment. Between making sure that the chemicals in your pool are properly maintained and balanced, it is essential to keep it clean. Here are some fundamentals of pool cleaning that are a must for all pool owners to know.

Chemicals– First and foremost, it is absolutely vital that the chemicals in your pool are effectively maintained, in order to ward off algae and unsightly stains, and, more importantly, to ensure that you are not doing harm to your body by swimming in an improperly-balanced mixture of chemicals. One of the main things you must pay attention to is the pH level of the water in your pool.

Once every 6-8 weeks, use a pH strip to test the pH level and ensure that the water has the right balance of alkalinity and acidity. You are looking for a pH reading of 7.4-7.6. Once your pH level has been determined, other chemicals, including chlorine, algaecide, and a metal chelation product to guard against staining on pool walls. The correct amounts of each of these chemicals can be found in your pool instruction manual.
Water Level– Maintaining a proper water level in your pool is crucial, as a water level that is too low can damage the pump and filter, but the skimmer will not work properly if the water level is too high. Your pool’s water level should be checked weekly.
Cleaning and Circulation Systems– Your pool is equipped with cleaning and circulation systems that pop up through the floor and circulate a powerful jet of water throughout. This cleaning and circulation system prevents growth of bacteria and also maintains a consistent water temperature. Running the circulation system for 4-6 hours a day in the summer is a good idea, but you can cut back to 2-4 hours per day in the winter months.
Surface Skimming– Every few days or so, it is a good idea to skim the surface of the pool to remove any debris such as dead insects, fallen leaves or any other items that may have fallen in. You should also clean filter bags and strainer baskets by emptying them once per week.
Vacuuming– Using a pool vacuum to clean the dust and sediment that collects at the bottom once a week is an important step in pool maintenance. Make sure you have removed all large items such as leaves prior to vacuuming.
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