The Most Common Pool Repairs & How You Can Prevent Them

As California natives, one of your more “guilty pleasures” here is likely the delight of slipping into the nice, refreshing swimming pool in your backyard. About the only time you might happen to disagree is if that pool needs repairs. The types of pool repairs and their frequency can be controlled to some extent however, and there are a number of common pool repairs that you can avoid with proper care.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

In order to keep the water balanced and free of excess debris that can shorten the life of your filter and pump, keep the pool covered and avoid allowing pets to swim. These practices can require extra attention to clean the skimmer basket and filter and failure to do so can mean the possibility of a clogged impeller or worse.

Carefully monitor the pool water chemistry. For above ground pools using too much chlorine or not diluting it can damage liners and shorten the life of the liner. On both types of pools it is a good best-practice to add chemicals one at a time and let each one circulate before adding the next in order to avoid possible damage to plumbing and other parts of the pool.

Also, be sure to keep the pool water balanced, low pH in particular is damaging. You should understand which material was used for your pool’s construction and learn the ways to preserve it – e.g. a plaster pool will be damaged if the water lacks the right amount of calcium and carbonate.

Keeping materials off the bottom of the pool with regular vacuuming or brushing can help you avoid costly resurfacing before it would otherwise be necessary.

Skimmer Leaks

Whenever your pool has a leak, the first place to check is the skimmer. On concrete pools the skimmer is a common area of separation, and on vinyl pools the skimmer faceplate can leak if its gasket is not fit well or damaged. Fortunately, affordable pool putty is available that will seal up most skimmer leaks quickly and permanently. To locate a skimmer leak, simply look closely for small bits of debris that are sucked into a crack.

Cracks at the junction of a concrete pool wall may be repaired by putty but will likely need a deeper repair by packing in a white plaster mix that is quite affordable as well. However, future movement may cause the crack to reopen.

When You Pool Repairs in Temecula

No matter how well you take care of your pool, there will come a time that you will need professional pool repair. With over 7 years of commercial plumbing experience, there is no job too small for us to handle. We are an FPSIE Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer company and we’ll happily install your new pool or spa heater and even dispose of your old one. From filters to major cracks and everything else involving your pool, we’ve got your back.

At Pacific Clear Pool & Spa, your pool is our business. Pool owners in and around Temecula have a professional solution just a phone call away, call us today at

(951) 290-1548 for your pool repair appointment.

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