Summer Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance can seem daunting and a bit over complicated at times but the process is necessary to keep your pool functional, safe, and fun to swim in. Here are some of the most important maintenance practices you can use to keep your pool in top shape.

First off try and skim the pools surface every few days to ensure that debris doesn’t get the chance to sink to the bottom or clog up any of the major systems. This is one of the least complicated and most essential things you can do to keep your pool in good condition.

Next make sure you know what kind of filter your pool uses, there are two main filter types: cartridge and diatomaceous earth. Clean your filter based on the manufacturer’s instructions and, believe it or not, try and avoid cleaning your filters too often. A small amount of dirt in the filter actually increases its efficiency by filling in gaps and trapping other particles. Make sure to vacuum your pool weekly to remove any sunken debris, vacuum operation is specific to model type and so make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using one.

Finally and potentially most importantly ensure that you monitor your pool chemicals on a regular basis, a weekly check of chlorine and pH levels will give you an idea of what kind of adjustments need to be made in order to keep the water at sanitary and safe swimming levels. The pH of the water should ideally be between 7.2 and 7.8 this can be adjusted with a reagent kit if necessary. Optimal chlorine levels vary based on the type of pool you have but if they begin to get too low you should “shock” the water by adding a substantial amount of chlorine which will both sterilize and remove odors.

Hopefully these tips help you prepare for a full summer of swimming, and remember consult the specific guidelines and maintenance procedures of your pools manufacturer if you feel unsure of your maintenance.

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