Premium Pool Service in Temecula

On a hot day, there is nothing better than jumping into the swimming pool to cool down and relax. It is a fun place for all the family and there is nothing a few pool games can’t fix! But, what a lot of homeowner’s underestimate when they choose to get a pool is the maintenance that is involved. After all, nobody wants a cloudy and dirty swimming pool they can’t use!

Of course, the problem is that not everyone has the free time to look after their swimming pool or knows how to do it properly. But, this is where a premium pool service in Temecula can solve your problems. They do all the maintenance for you so you can spend more time enjoying your pool; not cleaning it four hours!

So, let’s find out how a pool service Temecula can help you.

Clean Your Pool Tiles

The area we notice dirt the most is definitely on the pool tiles. Yet, they are not so easy to clean and it can take a lot of scrubbing to get them sparkling clean again. A lot of us don’t have the time, but a pool service Temecula can get the job done for you using brushes that won’t damage your pool. This will remove all of the algae and dirt from the interior surface of your pool in no time!

A Net Service

If your pool is surrounded by trees or there has been a storm, the chances are there will be debris laying on the surface of your pool. With a pool service in Temecula, you can make sure your water stays clean with a net service. Using a large net, a professional will be able to lift all the leaves, branches and other dirty from the water to leave your pool looking brand new again.

Pool Vacuuming

Of course, not all debris will float in the water; some of it will get stuck at the bottom of your pool. This is hard to reach yourself, but a pool service in Temecula will be able to use special vacuums to remove all the dirt and debris. It has never been easier to have a sparkling clean pool!

Cleaning Filters and Pool Equipment

You don’t want your filters to get clogged or become dirty; this means the water in your pool is dirty too! With a premium pool service, a professional can make sure everything is cleaned on a regular basis so your pool is always ready to use. Now you can invite guests and family round anytime to enjoy your swimming pool.

Balancing the Chemicals

Pool maintenance involves a lot more than just cleaning the interior; you have also got to make sure your pool water contains the right balance of chemicals. Otherwise, micro-organisms can grow in your pool and this is unsafe for your family. In addition, the wrong mixture of chemicals can lead to skin and eye irritation. Let’s face it, it can be hard to use water test strips and keep up to date with the chemical balance in your pool. At the end of the day, why would you want to put your family’s health at risk when you can just use a pool service in Temecula? The professionals will achieve the perfect pool chemistry that will keep your water clean and your family safe all year round.

Inspect the Pool

When you have a regular pool service, you can make sure your swimming pool is as good as it can be. A Professional will be able to spot any problems before they get bigger and become more expensive to repair later on. Not only can you have a clean pool, but you can also look after your house asset!

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