Pool Equipment Replacement

Pool equipment ages and begins malfunction like any other piece of machinery. While the Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. team will always work to repair faulty pool equipment that you ask to be serviced, there are times when a pool equipment replacement is unavoidable. As part of every maintenance and service call, our technicians will inspect and test each component to ensure it is performing at an optimal level. However, you may notice warning signs that indicate a component is starting to malfunction or notice pool conditions that point to a replacement.

  • Have you noticed a spike in your energy bill? If your energy bill has increased greatly from one month to the next, your pool equipment may be to blame. A malfunctioning pump and/or timer can be the cause of the energy drain. If the timer is not working properly, the pump may not be turning off per its programmed schedule. On the other hand, if the filter is degraded, it will result in the pump working harder to filter the pool water.
  • Is your pool failing to maintain a consistent temperature? The pool’s heating source may be the culprit for the cooler than normal water. A heater or its components often requires replacement due to age of equipment.
  • Has your pool been looking dingy and dirty? A deteriorated filter that no longer removes debris and particles from the pool water or does not allow adequate water flow will require replacement.
  • Is there soggy ground around the pool equipment or the pool itself? If it is a dry and you notice wet surfaces or large sections of the ground, leaks underground or faulty pipes around pool equipment can create large-scale damage if the failing parts are not replaced in a timely manner.
  • Are you unhappy with your monthly electric and/or gas bill? If you are seeking ways to reduce your pool or spa’s energy consumption, you may wish to consider having energy efficient pool equipment installed that replaces outdated, inefficient parts.

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If you have noticed problems with your pool, spa or system equipment, it’s time to call the licensed professionals of Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. Our technicians will quickly identify which pool equipment is in need of replacement and provide you competitive pricing on any recommended replacements or services. Schedule a service appointment today by calling 951-290-1548 and learn how your satisfaction is guaranteed when you choose Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. for all of your pool and spa services!

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