How to Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

During those hot summer months, you’re thankful for the relief your backyard swimming pool brings, but you may not be as happy about the increase in your monthly energy bill. The good news is that it’s possible to make your pool more energy efficient without major investment or renovation. At Pacific Clear Pool and Spa Inc., we are committed to passing along energy-saving tips to our clients, so they can take a stress-free dip in their aquatic paradise.

Here are three simple ways to improve the efficiency of your pool:

1.Install an Energy Efficient Pool Pump

A pool pump can waste a great deal of energy, especially if it has a 2 HP single speed motor. These inefficient motors drain approximately 2200 kW, while the energy-efficient variable speed pumps use only 200-220 kW. In fact, the variable speed pump is 30{6f4b41c1b686f5c188ca46d5a3179399f7baec4c89960a8391f16882ff5d4764} more efficient out of the box without any programming. If you take into account the number of hours your pool pump runs, the savings quickly add up when you make the switch to a more efficient model. (To obtain a more precise estimate of what you’ll save, visit the Residential Pool Pump Energy Savings Calculator.)

Typically, pools are equipped with a 2 HP single speed motor upon build-out, so you must upgrade in order to benefit from the energy savings delivered by a variable speed pool pump. If you are considering an upgrade, Pacific Clear Pool and Spa is a Foundation For Pool & Spa Industry Education (FPSIE) Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer (CAEI) Company that can install your pool pump and provide you with the documentation that allows you to apply for a $200 energy savings rebate from Southern California Edison’s pool pump rebate program.

  1. Set the Pool Pump Timer

A properly set pool pump timer can make your variable speed pump even more efficient by ensuring that it runs and shuts down on a set schedule. To maximize the efficiency of your pool pump and increase your savings, it should be set to circulate water during non-peak hours.

  1. Schedule Regular Pool Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance can go a long way in saving you money on energy costs. If debris and leaves are clogging your filter, it will not be able to work as efficiently. Clean out your pool filter periodically and have your pool professionally cleaned and inspected by Pacific Clear Pool and Spa on a regular basis.

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