How to Keep Your Pool Clean During Parties

During the hot summer months a pool party can be the perfect way for you, friends and family to cool off while spending quality time together. Pool parties can be super fun, yet slightly overwhelming because there are so many aspects to cover. Pool cleaning around Temecula is never fun but here are a few ways that you can be host to a fantastic pool party, without the hassle normally associated.

Pool Performance – At least a week before your party test everything pool related, such as the filter, lights and jets. Ensure that the chlorine and pH levels are ideally adjusted and shoot for that perfect 3.0 chlorine residual. Then on the morning of your party, rid the pool of any debris with a thorough skimming. additionally, inspect around the pool for trash, debris or trip hazards like excess patio furniture.

Ideal Free Chlorine Levels – You never want to heavily shock the pool the day prior or the day of your party to give the chlorine ample time to do its job without being too strong on party day. The minimum level of free chlorine should be 1 PPM but if you’re planning a larger party, you should aim for 3 PPM – even 5 PPM is less than the average commercial pool. This will give your guests plenty of protection in the water, as well as a nice chlorine reserve to deal with the bacteria, impurities and debris that will be introduced throughout your party.

Ideal Total Chlorine Levels – Total Chlorine Levels – Free chlorine is the measurement of the chlorine in the water that is active and available to kill bacteria. Total chlorine is the measurement of the free chlorine as well as the combined chlorine in the water. The difference between free chlorine and total chlorine levels should never be greater than 1 PPM.

Keep the Hose Handy – This is helpful especially if there are kids at the party. Near the pool entrance place your water hose or a thin pan of water for guests to clear their feet of debris before entering. Grass, pebbles, insects, and various animal droppings find their way into our pools all too often, quickly defiling our best pool cleaning practices.

Of course it’s always good best practice to have your pool professionally cleaned and maintained, especially after a nice Summer pool party. We know how precious your downtime is, relax and let us take care of the pool. Our expert technicians will ensure that your pool is back to sparkling without you having to life a finger.

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