Energy Efficient Equipment Upgrades

At Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc., we are always searching for the latest ways our clients can save on their pool’s operating costs. There are several energy efficient equipment upgrades and energy-saving strategies we frequently recommend to our clients to ensure they keep their “heads above water” when it comes to the cost of heating their pools. If you are struggling with reducing the energy consumption related to your pool and/or spa’s operations, Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. has the equipment upgrades energy-saving tips to keep you afloat.

  • Variable speed pump: A pool pump keeps the pool water circulating through the filter and back out to the pool in order to preserve water quality and keep warm water circulating. There are different types of pool pumps, but the variable speed pump is the most efficient. This type of pump can be programmed to run an optimal speed based on the time of day. Reportedly, these variable speed pumps save 90{6f4b41c1b686f5c188ca46d5a3179399f7baec4c89960a8391f16882ff5d4764} more energy than single speed pumps. If you are considering in an upgrade to your pool pump, Pacific Clear Pool and Spa is an FPSIE Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer (CAEI) Company.
  • Timer: A pool that does not have a timer is rarely energy efficient as pool owners often forget to turn on and off the filtration system based on an ideal energy-saving schedule. Discuss the options available to you with a Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. technician.
  • Filter: A smart upgrade from your current filter to an energy-efficient filter is choosing one that does not require backwashing, as this process consumes water and energy. Your Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. technician will be happy to recommend an energy-saving filter for your pool.
  • Pool cover: A cover on the surface of your pool will hold in heat, reduce evaporation and reduce the need for the heater to run unabated. When choosing a pool cover, you have a few options, such as an opaque pool cover either insulated or non-insulated (insulated is recommended for spas), a solar blanket, solar rings attached together by magnets or a liquid pool cover, which is an alcohol-based solution that spreads across surface of the pool creating a protective film.
  • LED lights: Halogen and incandescent lights generally use 5x more energy than LED lights. Save today with Pacific Clear Pool and Spa’s LED light installation services.

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With Pacific Clear Pool and Spa Inc., your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our technicians are extensively trained in advising a client on which energy efficient equipment upgrades would be best-suited to their pool and spa system. Start saving by scheduling an appointment today. Contact our friendly staff by calling 951-290-1548 and discover how Pacific Clear Pool and Spa, Inc. can help you reduce your energy output!

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