Do I Have to Clean My Pool More as it Gets Older?

When you live somewhere hot, there is nothing better than jumping into a pool when the sun is shining. Of course, homeowners know that there is some work that goes into having a great swimming pool in your backyard.

A common question we are asked is if you need to clean your pool more as it gets older. The answer to this question is that it depends. If it has gone unused for a long time, you are going to have to get it cleaned thoroughly before you can use it. Certainly, this will take more work, yet once it is done, it should be fine. But, in terms of maintenance, you need to look after your pool no matter whether it is six months old or five years down the line. After all, you want to make sure your water is clean, as well as have the tiles sparkling.

A pool service Temecula will make sure that your pool is ready for the summer. You want to be able to enjoy your pool; not spend half of your time cleaning it. A net service will be particularly helpful if you live somewhere with a lot of trees and bushes near your pool. The leaves and debris often land in your pool and with a net service, you can make sure they are all removed so you have clean water. For the debris that gets stuck at the bottom of your pool, a vacuum will get it all out.

In addition, a pool service Temecula will clean your pool tiles and have them sparkling clean again. It can take a lot of elbow crease to clean all of your tiles and it is difficult to remove all of the algae and dirt. Yet, a professional can do this for you and have it done before you know it. Again, it won’t matter what age your pool is; dirt and debris always find a way into your water!

The one area of your pool where age may play a part in maintenance is when it comes to cleaning filters and pool equipment. If your filters are old, they may not be as efficient as they could be, which might mean that you need to get them cleaned more often. Alternatively, it may be best to have them replaced if this is happening.

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