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Acid Wash

Whether your pool looks like a swamp, or you just want a fresh, clean-looking appearance, acid-washing your swimming pool can help. Also called “drain and clean,” pools need this type of cleaning when winterizing the pool isn’t done correctly, or algae has taken over due to the pool not being used or maintained in a while. The acid-wash process essentially strips the top layer of plaster to reveal fresh plaster beneath, so it’s not recommended to do it often.

Phosphate Treatment

Pacific Clear Pools came to the rescue for this green pool. We used a phosphate treatment and a filter service to get the pool looking great again.

Extreme Green

This homeowner tried everything to make the pool clear. Over $350 in chemicals and several trips to the local pool supply store didn’t solve the problem!

Pacific Clear Pools drained and acid-washed the entire pool to rid it of any algae and bacteria that had developed over the years.

“We really appreciated the fast service that Pacific Clear was able to provide us with. They had our pool up in ready just in time for a really hot weekend. We are now proud clients of Pacific Clear Pool and Spa.”